We offer a significant contribution to the extroversion of the European economy by offering Sales Promotion Services supporting exports of European agricultural products and primary processing products through European information and promotion programs.

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These programs include a series of actions and promotions, information events and advertising campaigns in the markets of EU targets and third countries. We also offer a wide range of Business Consulting services including Marketing Plans and Research & Development Services (R&D).



Sales Promotion Services

  • Company's evaluation of its readiness for exporting.
  • Design and implementation of promotion strategies for every target market.
  • Adjustment of product portfolio to every target market.
  • Activation of distribution, import and wholesale networks.
  • Organization and adjustment of sales and marketing departments to exporting mentality.
  • Visual merchandising at retail outlets or restaurants.
  • Cross-branding.
  • Web-to-store.
  • Business-to-business research.
  • In-Store Sales Promotion (Super Markets, Hardware Stores).
  • In-Store Sampling Promotion.
  • Street Product Sampling.
  • Retail Sales Promotion Activations.
  • Promotional Contests.
  • Sponsorships.

Conferences & Conventions

  • Brand Events
  • Trade Events
  • Corporate Events
  • 24h Expo / International Exhibitions
  • General Public Events
  • Seminars
  • Congresses
  • Tasting Product Trials
  • Event Videos
  • Street Events & Festivals

Marketing Plans

  • Evaluation of the existing product portfolio and define product strategy that includes expansion or development of new product lines.
  • Determination of commercial and pricing policies.
  • Creation of concepts for effective product and brand management.
  • Maximisation of the performance of distribution channels by monitoring or finalising the process of designing the selection and negotiation.
  • Designing, implementation, supervision and control of all communications activities that verify and maximise the results of the marketing strategy.
  • Design and consulting on the implementation of the pricing strategy that serves the client's objectives.
  • Product Concept Testing.
  • Trademarks Image Testing.

Business Consulting, Research & Development

  • Outline the current situation of the company and compose SWOT and PEST analyses.
  • Use of tools that define quantitative as well as qualitative characteristics of the market.
  • Locate any development opportunities of the company, maximising its current available resources.
  • Develop action plans customised to each client, based on realistic forecasts and time plans.
  • Supervision of the application and implementation of the plan that is agreed with the client.
  • Research-Analysis-Definition of target markets.
  • Research for targeting new markets and opportunity analysis, Consumer behaviour Research.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys.
  • Market Position Tracking Research.
  • Design Of Databases For Research Elements.
  • Consumer Psychographics Research.
  • Reputation Research.
  • Design Of Databases For Research Elements.

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